How It All Began

The Humber Harmony Chorus, and its parent organisation, Hull Barbershop Harmony Club, came from rather humble beginnings: a few students at the University of Hull, who had all previously met and become friends through the university's Performing Arts Society, decided to start singing some barbershop together for a bit of fun. One of the guys was a barbershopper, but the rest were brand new to the style. 
They decided to form a university society for barbershop & a cappella singing in 2016, and this society, now known as Hull University Barbershop Society (HUBS) is entering its 3rd year in the 2018/19 academic year, and managed to gain a 4th place finish at the 2018 Mixed Voice Chorus Contest, hosted by the British Association of Barbershop Singers.

Spurred on by the successes HUBS had in its first year, the guys decided in July/August 2017 to form a male voice chorus too.
Jack Bridges, Jack Laird, Alistair Lamyman, Matt Ottaway and Harry Sample immediately set about putting the word out that Hull, which had previously never had an official BABS or LABBS (Ladies Assocation of British Barbershop Singers) club, was starting to develop a taste for barbershop harmony, and our first rehearsal as a chorus, on October 4th 2017 was a great success - two of the guys who came along with no experience of barbershop now serve as our chair and vice-chair, and our membership is now almost pushing past 20. Not bad for 9 months' work!
We became an official BABS club in March 2018, with a unanimous supporting vote from those clubs who were present at the BABS AGM, and two months later we attended our first BABS convention, where we were given an opportunity to sing on the contest stage and show off how much progress we've made since started. 

We want everyone in Hull to love singing, and to love barbershop singing in particular, so get in touch because it might just be the thing for you!
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